Twin Peaks: The Return – Part 13 Breakdown, Thoughts, and Analysis

Part 13
Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch

Sherilyn Fenn in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Cooper, the Mitchum Brothers, their gals come to Lucky 7 celebrating, making a conga line through the office. They end up showering gifts on Bushnell, diamond cuff links and a car. Tony Sinclair sees all this going on and calls Mr. Todd, nervous and worried. Todd tells Tony it is his job to kill Dougie now.

A gym set is delivered to Jones house, something the Mitchums were surprised Sonny Jim didn’t already have. That night Sonny Jim plays a spotlight seemingly from nowhere floating across the gym set. Janey remarks that she is so happy about what Cooper has done for them. I am beginning to suspect Cooper is leaving soon. He came into the Jones’ life when it was at a pretty low point and did some damage by replacing Dougie. Now he has Janey pretty flush with cash (almost half a million from the slots), a new car, and brought back some joy to their household. The signs are pointing to his departure, and I wonder what that will look like.

We jump to Montana where Doppelganger Cooper has caught up with Ray at The Farm. The Farm appears to be a haven for criminal types run by Renzo. Doop is jumped when he enters and told he must defeat Renzo in an arm wrestling challenge or the man becomes his boss. Doop remarks that this is all like nursery school but plays along. He ends up snapping Renzo’s arm and punching his face in, killing the man and taking control of this criminal enterprise.

The men hand over Ray who Doop shoots in the leg to keep from getting away. He inquires who paid Ray to kill him and learns it was Phillip Jeffries…or someone using that name, Ray never met the guy face to face. He also doesn’t know where Jeffries is now. Doop gets the coordinates from Ray and also learns the man was given the Owl Ring. Ray claims it was a guard at the prison right before they were released and he was told to put it on Doop after he killed him. Doop finishes Ray and draws the attention of someone amongst the crowd of thugs, Richard Horne. Horne is on the run after running a little boy and near killing Miriam. It appears he and Doop’s paths are about to close and we’ll get confirmation if the Black Lodge denizen is indeed his father.

Back in Las Vegas, The Fusco Bros detectives get Cooper’s prints back but think there was a mistake, he pings as Doop having escaped from prison. They toss them, laughing at the idea that Dougie Jones is an ex-FBI agent. Tony Sinclair shows up to speak with Det. Savage and asks about a poison that is undetectable, aconitine. Savage says he’ll get it for him and there appears to be a crime cartel being run by Mr. Todd.

Chantal and Hutch pass through Utah on their way to Vegas, they have a brief aside about Mormons and how their dwindling numbers are likely due to their rules against the consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

Janey drops Cooper off at Lucky 7. Tony attempts to poison him under the guise of getting a cup of coffee. Cooper is lured away for a moment by cherry pie. Tony is overcome with guilt and tosses the poisoned coffee while begging Cooper’s forgiveness.

At the Double R, Shelly gets a call from Becky. There is still no sign of Stephen. Shelly tells Becky to come over for pie and ice cream, and she will talk to her about it.

Tony Sinclair confesses everything to Bushnell Mullins. He explains he was working for Mr. Todd. Bushnell says he wants Tony to testify against Todd.

Bobby shows up at the Double R for dinner, disappointed to finding Shelly gone. He sits down for dinner with Norma and Big Ed Hurley, but they are interrupted by Walter, Norma’s business manager. Ed and Bobby eat elsewhere, and we learn Norma and Walter are a couple. We also learn the Double R is a regional franchise and Walter wants the name to change to Norma’s Double R. Norma is hesitant about this.

Nadine is working a late night at her drapes store, Run Silent Run Drapes. Dr. Jacoby sees the window display with his gold shovel and stops to talk to her. She gushes about what a big fan she is of his Dr. Amp broadcasts. He remembers seeing her six years prior on her hands and knees looking for a potato. It was at the supermarket, the same day as a big storm.

Sarah Palmer is watching a vintage boxing tournament. She runs out of vodka for her Bloody Marys and goes for more. The whole time her television keeps glitching and replaying the same loop of the video again and again.

We find Audrey no more than a few steps from where we last left her. Charlie is resigned on the couch as Audrey stands, coat in hand, tense and confused. The roles of power seem reversed from last week, Charlie has the psychological upper hand while Audrey appears to be suffering from a state of disassociation. She talks about not knowing who she is, feeling like she is in the body of someone else. This sets off alarms to me of the state Cooper is in at the moment. She also doesn’t remember where she wanted to go last time, Charlie reminds her it was the Roadhouse. Audrey confesses she doesn’t know how to get there. Charlie then drops an interesting and frankly menacing statement about “ending” Audrey’s story. She asks what story would that be, “The story of the little girl who lives down the lane?” There is a reference to this experience being “like Ghostwood,” the land Ben Horne bought off of Catherine Packard in the original run. He was attempting to sell Ghostwood first to Swedes and then to Norwegians. In the Secret History of Twin Peaks, it is the site of many encounters with supernatural beings from the Lodges.

At the Roadhouse, James Hurley performs “Just You and I” from the second season. Donna and Madeline. Renee, the woman he was interested in back in Part 2, reacts strongly, weeping with deep emotion.

Big Ed sits eating soup at his desk in at the Gas Farm just outside of town. Notice the strange reflection. Why does he burn the paper? He seems to focus on his reflection off camera. There is something very very wrong in the town of Twin Peaks, and it started a very long time ago.


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