Summertime Streaming 2019

I was browsing over the offerings on Amazon Prime and Netflix and was impressed at the films currently available to watch. As my summer break comes to an end I thought I’d share what I found and link my reviews if I have one written for the film. Hope you find something you enjoy.

Amazon Prime

Suspiria – (my review)
Under the Silver Lake – (my review)
A Scanner Darkly –
You Were Never Really Here – (my review)
Thunder Road – (my review)
The Florida Project – (my review)
Madeline’s Madeline – (my review)
Bone Tomahawk – (my review)
mid90s – (my review)
The Hole in the Ground – (my review)
Eighth Grade – (my review)
The Virgin Suicides –
First Reformed – (my review)


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – (my review)
Inglourious Basterds –
Monster House –
The One I Love –
Synecdoche, New York –
Frances Ha – (my review)
The Invitation –
Other People – (my review)
Mindhorn –

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