Comic Book Review – The Flash Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1


The Flash Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

flash rebirth book 1

Everything changed when the original Wally West returned, emerging from the timestream when his Uncle Barry Allen aka The Flash remembered him. Now the speedster hero of Central City recalled that there was a reality before this one and that some unseen force is manipulating the memories and realities of the people around him. He doesn’t have much time to dwell on this when a sudden speed force storm grants his powers to dozens of everyday people. This includes police detective August Heart and STAR Labs scientist Meena Dhawan. Is this the work of the criminal organization The Black Hole or the newly emerged speedster villain Godspeed?

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Comic Book Review – Wonder Woman Rebirth Volumes 1 & 2


Wonder Woman Rebirth Volume 1: The Lies
Wonder Woman Rebirth Volume 2: Year One
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Liam Sharp (The Lies) and Nicola Scott (Year One)

wonder woman year one

Acclaimed writer Greg Rucka returned to the character he wrote back in the early, the mid-2000s. This time he was forced to work through the reboot of the New 52 era of DC Comics. Add to that the company-wide initiative to rework their continuity once again to find some sort of middle ground between old-school approaches to their characters and injecting modernity into them. To accomplish this Rucka decided to make his biweekly run alternate between the present day adventures of Princess Diana and her early years becoming the hero of legend she is today. This unique structure allowed Rucka to drop a reference to a past event in his present-day storyline only to follow up two weeks later with the detailed telling of that story in the past. It makes for some mind-boggling reading when jumping back and forth but reads smoother in individual collections.

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Comic Book Review – Detective Comics: The Rebirth Volume 1


Detective Comics: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Volume 1 (2017)
Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Eddy Barrows, Ben Oliver, Raul Fernandez, Eber Ferreira, and Alvaro Martinez

detective rebirth

Something is watching the heroes of Gotham City. Strange bat-like drones are found tracking members of Batman’s extended crime-fighting family starting with Azrael. There is apparently an organization out for these people, so Batman pays a visit to his cousin, Kate Kane aka Batwoman to make her the leader of a new team. The roster is made up of Robin (Tim Drake), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Orphan (Cassie Cain), with a surprising addition of villain Clayface. Batman sets them up in the Belfry, a tower in the center of Gotham which Tim Drake has outfitted with all the training and investigative tech they could ever need. Then the dark force in the background makes themselves known, and a war begins across Gotham.

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Comic Book Review – Superman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Volume 1


Superman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Volume 1 (2016)
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason, Doug Mahnke, and Jorge Jimenez
Reprints Superman: Rebirth #1 and Superman v4 #1-13

superman rebirth

Superman is dead! Long live Superman! Ten years ago, the Superman and Lois Lane of a long dead universe came to the current DC Universe. They have lived in secret raising their son Jonathan who has inherited some of his father’s powers. The Superman of this reality had died in battle recently, and so this alternate reality Man of Steel has taken up the mantle to keep the dream alive. He has to balance this with the responsibility of helping Lois raise their son. Of course, villains get in the way. First the Eradicator, an ancient Kryptonian robot bent on recreating the dead planet shows up. Later, Superman and Son clash with Batman and Robin as well as the macabre Agent Frankenstein. For the Kent family, this is just life as usual.

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Comic Book Review – Blue Beetle Rebirth Volume 1


Blue Beetle Volume 1: More Things Change (2016)
Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Scott Kolins

Blue_Beetle_Rebirth_Vol_1_1Jaime Reyes continues his tenure as the Blue Beetle, but this time he is given a mentor in Ted Kord, the former Blue Beetle. Over the course of this volume, Jaime investigates but fails to resolve the mystery of kids from his high school disappearing. He also learns his mother is providing medical services for The Posse, a gang of teenage metahumans that are sometimes antagonists for Beetle. In the background, Dr. Fate issues enigmatic warnings to Ted Kord about the true nature of the Scarab, the object which gives Beetle his power. Everything Jaime thinks he knows about this item appears to be wrong.

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Comic Book Review – Harley Quinn Rebirth Volume 1


Harley Quinn Volume 1: Die Laughing (2016)
Written by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by John Timms and Chad Hardin

harleyquinnHarley Quinn is living on Coney Island, New York with the former members of a traveling carnival and apparently, Egg-Fu’s son and a Deadpool knockoff? Well, an alien lands on Earth and gets chopped up into some ground meat causing a zombie apocalypse to break out. Poison Ivy shows up to help with that one. Then a gang of armored medieval knights attacks a mailman which leads Harley to put together a punk band. All of that is done by order of the New York mayor. Yeah, this is Harley Quinn.

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Comic Book Review – Cyborg Rebirth Volume 1


Cyborg Volume 1: Imitation of Life (2016)
Written by John Semper, Jr.
Art by Paul Pelletier, Will Conrad, and Tony Kordos

cyborgWho is Cyborg? The first reaction to this question would be to say he’s former NFL hopeful Victor Stone, but this opening volume of the Rebirth revival asks us to think about that for a second. Cyborg is still operating under the watch of his father, Dr. Silas Stone, partnering with STAR Labs colleagues Dr. Thomas Morrow and Sarah Charles. In the shadows, a dark cybernetic being watches Cyborg and other robotic denizens of the DC Universe (Red Tornado, Amazon, Robotman, etc.). This being unleashes the alien technological entity Kilg%re on Cyborg as a test which leads to a behind the scenes shake-up in the protagonist’s personal life.

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Comic Book Review – Nightwing Rebirth Volume 1


Nightwing Volume 1: Better Than Batman
Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Javier Fernandez

nightwingvol1Dick Grayson has existed in many forms over the years. Acrobat in Haly’s Circus, sidekick to Batman, leader of the Teen Titans, independent crime fighter, secret agent, but now he returns to his Nightwing identity. Grayson has gone undercover in the Parliament of Owls, a secret cabal that has worked against the Bat-family since the New 52 relaunch. The Owls believe Grayson has switched sides and partner him up with Raptor, an acrobatic assassin to take care of some problems started by the terrorist cult Kobra. Grayson must feign villainy while trying to access the Owls’ most guarded secrets to bring them down.

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Comic Book Review – Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth Volume 1


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Volume 1: Who Is Oracle?
Written by Julie & Shawna Benson
Art by Claire Roe and Roge Antonio

BGBOPWO_CVRBarbara Gordon has lived through many phases in her relatively young life. She started out as Batgirl, a partner to Batman and Robin. The cruel actions of the Joker left her wheelchair-bound, but Barbara rose above her depression to become Oracle, a voice in the ear of the Justice League giving them vital information about dire situations. After years of physical therapy, she walked again and took back the mantle of Batgirl. However, there is a new Oracle out there, and Barbara wants to know who is masquerading as her. She teams up with her old partner Black Canary but the two cross paths with the vengeful new Huntress, Helena Bertinelli. This trio seeks to find a solution to their respective problems.

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Comic Book Review – Green Arrow Rebirth Volume 1


Green Arrow Volume 1: The Death and Life of Oliver Queen
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra

green arrow vol1Green Arrow is on the hunt for a cartel of human traffickers preying on Seattle’s homeless population. He crosses paths for the first time with fellow crimefighter Black Canary, and there is an immediate spark between the two. Together they learn about the Underground Men, disfigured monstrous beings living beneath the city who are rounding up the homeless and shipping them to a nightmarish facility in the international waters of the Pacific. Green Arrow learns that they are directly tied to his family’s company and are a direct result of his neglect of this legacy. Machinations from behind the scenes quickly turn the entire city against the hero, and he must bring down this evil cabal with help from some wayward friends.

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