The State of the Blog 2018

dougie jones

Reflections on growth of 2017

Fast & Furious July

  • The most painful achievement of the year was watching all eight (plus one) of the Fast & Furious franchise in a single month. If you want to relieve my pain you can you do so by clicking below.

Fast & Furious July


Twin Peaks: The Return coverage

  • I blogged about all 18 parts of David Lynch’s return to television, plus made sure to finish his filmography by filling those last few gaps. The most expansive coverage of anything I did in 2017 and will be returning to it in 2018.

Twin Peaks: The Return posts

Rebirth Reviews

  • I decided to go back and read some of the DC Rebirth trades I missed from some of the more lower tier series. What I found…was a lot of stuff that deserved to be forgotten. Deathstroke and Christopher Priest were my big surprise of the year. I plan on going back and working through Christopher Priest’s Black Panther run this year. I will continue these reviews in the new year. However I am focusing a lot more on the comics that led to Doomsday Clock, so expect more Superman and Batman titles.

DC Rebirth reviews


Old School DC Comics Reviews

  • DC has been on fire with its release of old school runs of its comics, either focused on a creator or specific arc. In 2017, I read through volumes 1 & 2 of George Perez’s Wonder Woman and the classic New Teen Titans. Currently reading volume 3 of NTT with plans to continue with that series as well as take on the post-crisis Justice League and some other special surprises here and there.

Wonder Woman Volume 1

Wonder Woman Volume 2

New Teen Titans Volume 1

New Teen Titans Volume 2


The Numbers

  • My views jumped 68% from 2016 to 2017, with my number of visitors increasing just under 50%. I finished the year with a total of 139 Likes on my posts and 70 followers. Starting in June and carrying on for the rest of the year I didn’t have a single month under 1,000 views. Not sure what happened in June (Twin Peaks maybe?) but my views increased dramatically. Funny enough, it was was birthday on June 21st where I recorded the highest number of views ever in a day, 233.

2018 new year

Red, White, & Blue Cinema

  • With 2018 being a midterm election year in the United States it seems like a perfect time to do a survey of cinema about American politics. We’ll be kicking it off on Saturday with Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and continuing on throughout 2018 until the election on November 6th.


A24: Singular Visions

  • My second year-long series will be my viewing of every film in the A24 catalog. The company was established in 2013 and has already achieved great success with films like Lady Bird and Moonlight. Some of these will be rewatches or reshares of old posts, but the vast majority will be first-time viewings. Looking forward to discovering some great overlooked cinema.


Patreon pledge drive

  • March through April will be my big Patreon pledge push. With the number of views growing I would like to expand the blog a bit to be able to offer little things, like a monthly DVD or digital download. By no means do I expect Patreon to become a significant source of income, but I would like to see it grow just for the sense of accomplishment and drive it will give me to try new things out.


Twin Peaks: The Return Rewatch

  • When Summer Break arrives at the end of May I plan to do a very in-depth rewatch of Twin Peaks: The Return, trying to watch as many episodes back to back as possible. I plan on coming up with a list of themes and elements to focus my rewatch on. First on my list is how Lynch uses modern technology in his storytelling, one of the significant differences between the original series and the revival.


No Origins 2018

  • I won’t be attending Origins in Columbus, Ohio this year. So there will not be coverage of my experience at that event. There may be another roleplay related summer excursion, more on that later. Since Origins I have felt very disconnected from roleplay gaming, but I have so many great games to try I feel like I should try to get back in at some point in 2018.


Planned Book Reviews

Here are the books I have planned to read and review in 2018, with more to come of course:

  • The Shadow Year by Jeffrey Ford
  • Duplex by Kathryn Davis
  • Elect Mr. Robinson For a Better World by Donald Antrim
  • Blackwater by Michael McDowell
  • The Cipher – Kathe Koja

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